Baking Bad: The Gingerbread House Competition 2016

8 December 2016–8 January 2017

The National Museum – Architecture


Winners of the different categories

Visitors’ prize:
«UP». Made of Linda Holter Mork, Anne Hasla, Elisabeth Maria Strupstad and Kristin Maria Thomassen. 

«Ikke gjør som mora di sier, Jens!». Made of Momo, Maia, Zoe, Frida, Erlend, Viktor and Roma.

«Hobbit-huset», 1:50. Made of Ida Myrbostad Paasche, Benjamin Sandø Frank, Holger Amlo and Marlen Reichenbach from The Norwegian-German bikulturelle school.

Students at architecture, art and design colleges:
«Sculptured House» from the movie «The Sleeper», 1973, 1:75. Made of Pia Kristine Tveit, School of Architecture in Oslo.

Hobby bakers:
«UP». Made of Linda Holter Mork, Anne Hasla, Elisabeth Maria Strupstad and Kristin Maria Thomassen. 


Architecture in popular culture

Many stories from popular culture are associated with iconic buildings. When someone mentions Pippi Longstocking, the Moomins, the Olsen Gang, Skam, Nobel or Downton Abbey, you probably picture a building where the action happens. What are your favourite films and TV series? And what buildings do they feature?

Build a model in gingerbread and other edible materials of an iconic building from a TV show, film, cartoon, play, book, or fairy tale of your choice.

Competition rules

At least 80 percent of your model must be made of gingerbread and/or other edible materials (sweets, pasta, biscuits etc.). Your creation should be mounted on a board not larger than 45 x 45 cm.


There are various prizes to be won: a number of jury prizes and a visitors’ prize. For the latter, members of the public are invited to vote for the gingerbread house they find best, regardless of the category. The jury consists of Anne Cecilie Haug (senior architect at Snøhetta), Lise Finchenhagen (cook and cookbook author) and John Kåre Raake (screenwriter and comic-strip author).

Prizes are awarded in five categories:

• Children up to 7th school year (up to and including age 12)

• Adolescents up to college age (up to and including age 18)

• Professional architects and bakers

• Students at architecture, art and design colleges

• All other hobby bakers

All competition entries will be exhibited in the beautiful pavilion designed by the architect Sverre Fehn at the National Museum – Architecture.

Come and join us for the exhibition opening with prize-giving on Thursday, 8 December at 17:00.

There will be light refreshments and entertainment.

Architecture, art and design students

The competition includes a special category for architecture, art and design students. The winner will be invited to spend a day at the offices of Snøhetta and to help out with the architecture and design projects the firm is currently working on. In addition, the winner will receive a cash prize worth NOK 5,000. Both groups and individuals can take part.

Collecting, demolition and eating

The gingerbread houses can be collected on Saturday, 7 January 2017 during the museum’s opening hours, or on Sunday, 8 January before 15:00.

The winner of the visitors’ prize will be announced on Sunday, 8 January at 15:00, after which the remaining houses will be demolished and eaten! Come and join us, and bring a hammer!

The National Museum – Architecture

Adress: Bankplassen 3


Curator: Eli Solsrud