Discords: Norwegian Architecture 1945–65

14 November 2010–3 April 2011

The National Museum – Architecture

This exhibition throws light on neglected aspects of post-war modernism in Norwegian architecture, adding detail to earlier accounts.

It concentrates on the growth of discord among competing architectural ideologies among different generations and circles, and on the influences that came from international developments. Discords can be seen in particular in the ways architecture responded to history, the landscape and experiments with materials and space. Central architects include Magnus Poulsson, Knut Knutsen, Erling Viksjø, Sverre Fehn, Geir Grung and Christian Norberg-Schulz. The exhibition is based on the museum’s collection of architects’ archives, and is a collaboration with the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas at the University of Oslo.

Curator: Bente Solbakken