Russia market. Kirkenes 2011. Photo: Michael Miller

In the National Museum’s Blind Spot

15 February 2014–16 March 2014

The National Museum – Architecture

When art becomes action, what’s the collection worth then?

The exhibition provides a topical and informative insight into socially engaged art. It brings together videos, websites, props and printed materials to document seven projects in which artists have placed their creative energies at the service of strong social convictions.

The artists use their personal democratic rights to fight for a society that protects the rights of all.

The exhibition introduces visitors to meaningful campaigns and processes, inviting them to reflect on the role and function of art and the artist in society, and to become active themselves.

The best celebration of the constitution of 1814 is for people to use the freedom of expression and other basic rights it grants them.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the National Museum and TrAP, as part of the celebrations marking the bicentennial of Norway’s constitution.

The exhibition opens in Oslo on 15 February 2014 and will later be sent on tour.

Participating artists:
Nicoline van Harskamp, Farhad Kalantary, Andrea Lange, Mobile Kultur Byrå (Kirsten Dufour, Hilde Methi og Ulrike Solbrig), Selma og Sofiane Ouissi, SEX TAGS (Stefan og Peter Mitterer), Steirischer Herbst Festival. 

Curator: Samir M’kadmi