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Amateur Architecture Studio, The Ningbo Historic Museum (detail), China. Photo: LV Hengzhong

M8 in China: Contemporary chinese architects

4 February 2011–10 April 2011

The National Museum – Architecture

During the last two decades China’s economic development has drastically transformed the country. This has resulted in a gigantic building boom, which has caused the Chinese architectural market to be considered the most dynamic in the world today.

The exhibition presents new trends in contemporary Chinese architecture and focuses on eight Chinese architectural firms. The founders of these firms are young architects. Most of them have studied abroad and have maintained their international networks. They are highly visible in international architecture competitions and deliver works that clearly differentiate themselves from projects that originate in the “architecture factories” of large government institutions.

The travelling exhibition is produced by Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) in Frankfurt and is presented in collaboration with the National Museum.

Curator in the National Museum: Anne Marit Lunde

Project manager: Anne Marit Lunde