Oslo Architecture Triennale: «After Belonging. In Residence»

8 September 2016–27 November 2016

The National Museum – Architecture

This year’s Oslo Architecture Triennale explores the ways we relate to places and communities. In a world increasingly characterised by mobility and impermanence, our sense of belonging is constantly changing. How does this affect our residential and public spaces and the ways they are designed by architects and urban planners? The exhibition focuses on ten locations around the world, all of which illustrate how our sense of identity has changed. The selected locations are: Copenhagen, Dubai, Gardermoen, Kirkenes, Lagos, New York, Prato, Risaralda, Stockholm and Torshov.

Changing identities

The exhibition “After Belonging. In Residence” addresses themes such as migration, new types of accommodation, technology that promotes new markets and sharing economies, and new ways of being local and alien. “Being at home” has now taken on a new meaning. Our sense of identity is no longer something static, defined by our home or native soil; it is forever evolving, as people, information and goods flow relentlessly across national borders.

Where do we belong?

This constant circulation gives us access to new products and countries worldwide, changing the ways we own, exchange and share things, spaces and experiences. At the same time, the differences between social groups are also increasing. Many people are kept in precarious circumstances and an enduring state of impermanence. The exhibition explores the links we share with places and communities: Where do we belong? How do we relate to the things we own, share and exchange? And how do we administrate what belongs to us?

Ten sites around the world

The exhibition presents ten commissioned reports and five intervention strategies. Collectively, these represent two distinct but related architectural approaches to the selected sites. The ten reports describe the various locations in a range of ways that provide richly nuanced perspectives. The five intervention strategies for the Nordic locations were selected by a jury following an international competition. Each strategy proposes tactical and long-term projects for its respective location, reflecting alternative ways of working with architecture. “In Residence” presents the various approaches and explores the possible ways architecture can address the new realities.

Oslo Architecture Triennale

The exhibition is part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016, “After Belonging: A Triennale In Residence, On Residence and the Ways We Stay in Transit”. It is shown in parallel with the exhibition “On Residence” at The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture at Hausmannsgate 16.

Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT) is the Nordic region’s biggest architecture festival, and one of the world’s main arenas for the discussion of and dissemination of information about architectural and urban challenges. The festival is a ten-week-long programme of events organised in collaboration with Norwegian and international partners.


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