The Forest in the House. Exploring parallel realities

24 February 2018–18 March 2018

The National Museum – Architecture

 The exhibition “The Forest in the House. Exploring parallel realities” offers an experience of virtual and physical architecture, with accompanying sound and acoustic effects.

In addition to the all-round visual experience of a VR headset, the exhibition offers opportunities to explore movement, hearing and touch.

Not suitable for children under 12 years of age

“The Forest in the House” is part of a research project on the use of VR technology to convey impressions of digitally created architecture. The project aims to encourage new approaches to architectural exhibitions and the experiences they offer, by exploring the relationship between virtual and physical elements and the use of natural and virtual sounds and acoustics.

“The Forest in the House” is an interdisciplinary collaboration between:

• Architects: Thomas Liu, Adriana Sanz, Bianca Suarez, Marius Mowe, Nils Ole Brandtzæg, Jonas Norsted (Atelier Oslo AS)

• VR developer: Ole Petter Larsen (Atelier Oslo AS)

• Audio researchers and developers: Jøran Rudi, Thom Johansen and Balint Laczko (Notam)

• Exhibition curator and researcher: Birgitte Sauge (National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design)

• Curator dissemination and researcher: Anne Qvale (National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design)

• Researchers: Rolf Steier and Palmyre Pierroux (University of Oslo)

The exhibition is supported by the Kulmedia programme, run by the Research Council of Norway, and the Savings Bank Foundation DNB.