Under 40. Young Norwegian architecture 2013

3 May 2013–22 September 2013

The National Museum – Architecture

Who are currently the most noteworthy young architects in Norway, and how are they positioning themselves both at home and abroad?

This exhibition presents a selection of architects under the age of forty and their fields of interest, methods and creations. Who are these architects and what are their concerns? Do they differ significantly from their predecessors or from the so-called post-Fehn generation? How do these young architects relate to traditional Norwegian architecture and to international social and political trends? And to what extent will they define the architecture of the future?

The exhibition’s full-scale installations, models, films, photographs, and illustrations provide insight into cutting-edge architectural practices and foreshadow future trends in Norwegian architecture.

The eleven firms of architects represented in the exhibition are Atelier Oslo, CTRL+N, FFB (Felleskapsprosjektet å Fortette Byen), Huus og Heim Arkitektur, Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter, Lala Tøyen, MDH Arkitekter, Rodeo Arkitekter, Superunion Architects, SF OSL and Tyin tegnestue Arkitekter.

The exhibition is divided into two parts. In the Bucher Hall, each firm presents its work in a separate module. In the Ulltveit-Moe Pavilion, two full scale installations –“House of a Medley of Norwegian Birds”by Huus og Heim Arkitektur, and“Corporeal Space” by Atelier Oslo are presented.

The exhibition in the Bucher Hall runs to 8 September, while the installations in the Ulltveit-Moe Pavilion remain on show until 22 September.

Curator: Anne Marit Lunde
The exhibition is accompanied by an exhibition catalogue.