Stalheimskleiven. Route Voss - Gudvangen. About 1950-60. Courtesy: Normanns Kunstforlag AS

Views. Norway seen from the road 1733–2020

22 June 2012–28 October 2012

The National Museum – Architecture

The exhibition adopts the perspective of the road traveller to trace connections between modern perceptions of Norway’s nature and landscapes and how these were seen in past times.

When Christian VI, king of Denmark and Norway, inspected his territories in 1733, his draftsmen documented magnificent views. Since then, Norway’s roads, cliffs and peaks have been captured by photographers, painters and tourists alike. In our own day, the art and architecture projects of Norway’s National Tourist Routes are helping to dramatise Norwegian vistas, as illustrated by Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk’s model for the Vøring Waterfall project and Peter Zumthor's models for the zinc mine museum in Allmannajuvet, on show in the museum’s main pavilion. The Bucher Hall houses an archive with sets of historical maps, photographs, tableaux and drawings.

The exhibition is a collaboration between National Tourist Routes, an initiative of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the research project “Roads, Routes and Landscapes” at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and the National Museum.

Curators: Nina Berre, Nina Frang Høyum, Janike Kampevold Larsen and Knut Wold