Kopi av ErikWerenskiold-Enbondebegravelse.jpg
Erik Werenskiold, Peasant Burial, 1885. Photo: Nasjonalmuseet / Jacques Lathion

Erik Werenskiold 1855–1938

10 June 2011–11 September 2011

The National Gallery

Erik Werenskiold’s (1855–1938) position as one of the foremost masters in Norwegian art is irrefutable. Paintings such as Peasant Burial (1885) is an integral part of Norway’s visual identity, and with his portraits he captured many of the leading personalities of his times, such as Henrik Ibsen, Kitty Kielland and Fridtjof Nansen for posterity. His illustrations of Norwegian folk tales have also contributed greatly to our conception of folk imagery from bygone times.

Werenskiold’s oeuvre was much more varied than this, however, and the exhibition seeks to bring to light the various sides of his artistic career, which lasted more than sixty years. The exhibition presents famous major works, as well as less known paintings, drawings, illustrations and embroidery.

Curator: Øystein Ustvedt