The collection exhibition – the core of the new National Museum

The collection exhibition will become the new National Museum’s permanent exhibition and will exhibit twice as many works from the museums' collections of art, architecture and design.

The exhibition aims to show how art and culture are a central part of history, society, and the life we live here and now. It will be displayed in an area of no less than 10,000 m² extending over two floors.

Mankind’s encounter with art

In the exhibition you will encounter works from antiquity to the present day, with a primary focus on the development of Norwegian visual arts, decorative arts, design, and architecture.

Throughout the course of history mankind has created, collected, and related to art, design, and architecture in various ways. The exhibition explores how this activity has manifested itself in art. It also shows how both Norwegian art and the Norwegian art scene are part of international trends and interactions.

The new permanent exhibition allows you to participate in art even more strongly and reflect on what you come across at the museum.

Medieval tapestries, imperial porcelain, and royal apparel

The museum’s ground floor is where you will find decorative arts and design from antiquity until the present day. Get to know the unique Baldishol tapestry (believed to be from the twelfth century), imperial porcelain from China, exquisite eighteenth-century Norwegian glass chalices, shifting fashions from various eras, and contemporary design and decorative arts. And so much more!

The first floor will primarily be devoted to art from the fifteenth century on. In these galleries you will for example see the museum’s collection of seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish landscapes, the early-nineteenth-century national-romantic works of Johan Christian Dahl, the Munch gallery with the iconic Scream, and the museum’s highlights from today’s national and international contemporary art.

New connections: All art is now!

The connections between art, design, and architecture are explored in new constellations that juxtapose different disciplines and eras. This allows you to experience new narratives across genre and time.

The exhibition brings to life the history from the various periods when the collection gradually came into being, including the art, architecture, and design that is being created today. With this approach the National Museum wants to convey that all art is now!

Get a first-hand look of the work on the new permanent exhibition

At the National Museum’s library in Kristian Augusts Gate 23, you can study models of the galleries that will house the new permanent exhibition and learn more about how the exhibition will look at the new museum. You can also study the models from the street.

The National Museum will collaborate with the Italian firm Guicciardini & Magni Architetti to design the new collection exhibition.