Watch the exhibitions for the new National Museum taking shape!

The National Museum Library and Archives

Welcome to the National Museum’s library, where you can watch us preparing the permanent exhibitions for the new National Museum!

In the new National Museum we will be able to display twice as much from the collection as is possible in our current exhibition spaces. Several thousand works will be on show in nearly 100 rooms. In the library at Kristian Augusts gate 23, you can study our working model of the galleries that will house objects from the collection and find out more about what the new museum will look like. You can also step up to the window to study the model from the street.

The permanent exhibition in the new National Museum
The model represents the ground floor exhibition spaces at the new National Museum. The mock-up is used to plan the permanent exhibition for design, art and architecture. The total exhibition space for works from the collection is around 10,000 m2, spread across two floors.

The model is a tool that helps us plan the exhibition’s narrative and structure. It allows us to see things as a whole and to visual how the artworks interrelate within individual rooms and between sequences of rooms.

The structuring principal for the exhibition is chronological. The ground floor will be devoted mainly to older and newer craft and design from ancient times through to the present. The first floor is reserved for fine art from the 16th century onwards. On both floors, the displays consider commonalities across disciplines and time.

The National Museum is building a museum for all of Norway. To find out more about the new National Museum, pay us a visit at Mellomstasjonen.


Address: Kristian Augusts gate 23, Oslo

Opening hours: Wednesday and Thursday 10:00–15:00