The National Museum is moving!

Over 100,000 objects have to be moved before the new National Museum can open in 2020.

The National Museum’s collections include paintings, sculptures, drawings, works of applied art, design objects, architectural models and installations. They all have to be documented, conserved and carefully packed before being transferred to their new home in a pristine new museum.

Heading home to Vestbanen

The National Museum’s collections will be moved from five current locations to the new building at Vestbanen. More than 5 000 works of art, objects and models will be on public display in the new museum’s 91 exhibition rooms. Others will be safely deposited in internal and external magazines.

300 removal-van trips

The magazines at the new National Museum have 7 000 square metres of floor space, which, together with an exhibition space of 14 000 square metres, will be enough to accommodate most of our collection. A total of 300 transport trips will be needed to move the entire collection to its new surroundings.

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