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5 000 artworks are getting a checkup

The road to the new National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design passes through the conservator’s workshop.

At the new National Museum you will be able to see much more of the museum’s collection than was possible in the past. Some works have never before been shown in the museum, while others haven’t been on display for many years.

These works need a health check and possibly some conservation work. The condition of some 6,000 objects will be assessed before they are packed and moved to the new museum. The conservators estimate that around 800 of these will need at least some conservation work.

Experts on plastics and leather

The National Museum’s conservators ensure that the objects to be exhibited in the new museum are in the best possible condition. Twenty-five employees are working to conserve the items that will be moved. They include experts on paper, textiles, plastics and leather, materials that require different types of treatment.

Some of the works in the collection require more extensive conservation. This may be due to damage or decay. The conservators work constantly to assess the condition of works and to forestall decay so as to keep the ravages of time to an absolute minimum.

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