I started my training at the University of Oslo and did a subsidiary course in art history, specializing in art technology. I also took courses in printmaking techniques. Then I completed a bachelor’s degree in archaeology.

My special subjects of Art Technology and Cultural Heritage Preservation made me realize what I wanted to be. I’ve been interested in taking care of things since I was a child. I did a bachelor’s degree in conservation, which included courses in chemistry. In order to specialize in paper conservation, I completed a master’s degree in Conservation of Fine Art at Northumbria University in Newcastle in England.

I did practical placements in Norway and England. In all, I was studying for 11 years! I took on private work before I got a job at the National Museum, where I’ve worked since 2013. I get such varied experiences and challenges, that I may well stay here until I retire. For me, conservation is the perfect combination of my interests, as I get to use both my head and my hands. It’s a fascinating blend of art, historical interpretation, knowledge of materials and science.