The section for digital collection management has an overarching responsibility for coordinating and supporting the museum’s work on its digital collection.

Specifically, the section’s work pertains to the following areas:

  • Cataloguing: The section facilitates the museum’s cataloguing work and manages the digital tools that are used in these efforts.
  • Publication: The section provides assistance in setting up a layout and framework for publishing information on art history online, for example in the digital presentation of our collection.
  • Standardization: The section works on implementing and using relevant standards in collection management, whether internationally recognized standards such as CDWA and Spectrum, Norwegian standards such as Feltkatalogen (a catalogue for art and culture museums), or internal standards developed in consultation with the museum’s various experts.
  • Development: The section initiates its own projects and also participates in external ones in order to develop the field. The section also participates in various professional forums both nationally and internationally. Such efforts may pertain to developing and using new terminology, linking such terminology to authoritative sources such as AAT, as well as experimenting with new technologies within for example image recognition and machine learning or visualization of data.