Downloading images from the online collection

Price for transferring a high-resolution file from the archive Price if the artwork needs to be photographed

Commercial use Publication, tv/film

Free NOK 800 NOK 2500

Commercial use

Prroducts and advertisting

Free From NOK 3500 From NOK 5000
Private use Free NOK 350 NOK 2000
Museums, cultural institutions and research Free Nok 350. Discount by agreement 

NOK 1000

General terms for image files


a) Image files can be downloaded free of charge from the National Museum’s website.
b) Image files may be ordered if the desired file needs to be at a higher
resolution than is available on our website, or if the work in question has
not been photographed yet. The user will be charged for the cost of being sent
the image file or for the costs of photography.
c) All orders must be submitted in writing, using the order form that is
available on the museum’s website

d) When placing an order, state the purpose for which the image file will be used. The cost should be paid by the price list.
e) The customer is responsible for respecting these terms.
f) The delivery time for images that have been digitized is normally one to two workdays after the customer has an approved contract. For works that have not been digitized and that need to be photographed, the delivery time will be about 30 days.
g) An agreement on a discount can be made.
h) If part of a work protected by copyright is used, such use shall be stated in the caption.


a) Artworks may be protected by copyright. Users are themselves responsible for acquiring the necessary permission from the creator and other rights holders. For inquiries and any applications
for permission, please contact BONO (the Norwegian Visual Artists Copyright Society) at bono@bono.no
b) If the image is used in a publication, the names of the creator, the photographer, and the National Museum (Nasjonalmuseet) must be stated along with the title of the work, all by the information attached to the image file upon transfer, for example: Edvard Munch, The Scream © Photo: Annar Bjørgli/Nasjonalmuseet.


The National Museum has introduced a license (Attribution-NonCommercial) for works of art in the public domain. This entails that all images tagged with this license can be freely downloaded for noncommercial use from https://www.nasjonalmuseet.no/en/collection/  at whatever resolution that is currently available. For works of art that are not in the public domain and are protected by copyright, see item 2 above.


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