The National Museum in Oslo, exterior
The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design
Photo: Iwan Baan

In the period of 2023–2027, four PhD research fellowships will be announced. The positions are financed through the National Museum’s collaboration agreement with the Fredriksen Family Art Company (FFAC).

The calls for applications are thematically open and can accommodate projects within the research fields of the National Museum – including art history, conservation, education, and museology. The mandate of the museum is to develop, preserve, conduct research, and to promote public knowledge about Norway's biggest collection of art, architecture, and design.

Art historian Adine Lexow was awarded the first scholarship, and is currently working on her doctoral project "Frida Hansen: Weaver, Gardener, Artist, Woman".

The second call for applications had a deadline on 28 April 2024.

Read the strategy for research and development of the National Museum here

About the PhD collaboration

  • The National Museum is collaborating with the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Oslo on four PhD fellowships.
  • The aim of the collaboration is to strengthen the research communities of both institutions and to enhance scholarly exchange.
  • The scholarship recipients will follow the PhD program of the Faculty of Humanities.
  • The research grants are financed through the museum’s collaboration agreement with the Fredriksen Family Art Company (FFAC).
  • The first scholarship commenced in January 2024, and the second call for applications was announced on 6 March 2024.
  • The National Museum is responsible for the announcements relating to the PhD scholarships and for selecting the scholarship recipients.
  • The National Museum adheres to the principle of honoring the independence of research. Fundamental to all the National Museum collaborations, is the freedom of the individual researcher to work autonomously, without interference in their choice of methods, results, or forms of dissemination.