• The National Museum – The Grand Hall
  • Thursday 24.11, 10.30–16.15 and Friday 25.11, 10:30–15.15

This year’s cultural-mediation and research seminar is offered in conjunction with Queer Culture Year, the 2022 celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Norway, organised by the National Museum and other cultural actors. 
The aim of this year’s seminar is to discuss, promote, and share norm-breaking perspectives and cultural-mediation practices that help to arouse interest in and to open up the art and cultural sphere to even more people. 
The programme will be led by artist and activist Mabell Holand and producer and officer for diversity and inclusion at Sentralen, Ammal Ahmed Haj Mohamed.


Thursday, 24 November  

10.30: Welcome, moderated by Ammal Ahmed Haj Mohamed
Remi Johansen Hovda, actor
Frederick Lucius Nathanael, from Pride Art
Silje Gaupseth, from the Polar Museum
12.20: Lunch (60 mins.)
13.20: Tone Hellesund, professor, University of Bergen
Katarina Bonnevier, Thérèse Kristiansson and Mariana Alves Silva, from MYCKET
Noor Bhangu, curator
Hanan Benammar, artist
Henza Anwar, doctor
16:15: “Thanks for today!” moderated by Ammal Ahmed Haj Mohamed
Opportunity to see the museum

Friday, 25 November 

10:30: Welcome, moderated by Mabell Holand
Kenneth Elvebakk, film director
Mathias Skaset, KODE
Pia Eikaas, Jo Ravn Abusland, and Kristine K. Wessel, from Skeiv kopp
Alice Marie Jektevik, from The Vuogas Way
Maja Leonardsen Musum, curator
12.30: Lunch (60 mins.)
13.30: Francesca Grilli, artist, from the performance Family
Anna-Stina Svakko, duodji craftsperson
Marita Mikkelsen, teacher
Anne Olli, student and activist
15:15: “Thanks for today!” moderated by Mabell Holand