• The National Museum – Meet by the oak tree in the National museum’s courtyard

Transporting dance is a way of using the body that celebrates the desire to move and the body’s possibilities. It is both dance and training, together with an art perspective. It is suitable for everyone - young, old, dance-loving and tactless. Dance artist, tram driver and founder of the movement concept, Martin Slaatto, leads the way.

Transporting dance contains elements such as jumpsasa, rocking, spinning and bouncing. Through the method, Slaatto wants everyone, regardless of limiting factors such as physique and age, to feel the joy of movement in their own body, the city and nature. The public are invited to make the courtyard of the  National Museum dynamic and alive. The total duration of the transport dance is roughly one hour and  it takes place outside twice a day regardless of weather. The event is free and does not require a ticket.