• The National Museum
  • 11.30–12.00

Classical music doesn’t have to imply a long evening in a dark hall. We invite you to a free lunchtime concert. Enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat from the café while listening to fantastic music.

Tuesday 7 February, 11.30–12.00
Lunchtime concert: Helga Myhr & Tanja Orning

Today’s lunchtime concert is an opportunity to get to know the fiddle that won a gold medal at the National Exhibition in Bergen in 1898.

Made in the workshop of Anders C. Kleven in Kristiania (Oslo), the fiddle is an example of beautiful styling and carving. Helga Myhr is a unique and distinctive voice in the world of Norwegian folk music. On the menu is an original sounding universe developed together with cellist Tanja Orning.   

Helga Myhr, Hardanger fiddle, and Tanja Orning, cello

Works by Myhr and Orning

Wednesday 8 February, 11.30–12.00
Lunchtime concert: Øyvind Gimse and Gunnar Flagstad

Today’s lunchtime concert is a chance to meet the cello of one of the greatest cellists of all time, Jacqueline du Pré. On the programme is Elgar’s Cello Concerto, a musical masterpiece inextricably linked with du Pré’s life.

Øyvind Gimse, cello, and Gunnar Flagstad, piano

Elgar – Cello Concerto

Thursday 9 February, 11.30–12.00
Lunchtime concert: Henning Kraggerud and Eivind Ringstad

Today’s lunchtime concert is a chance to meet two iconic Guarneri instruments in concert. Made by Andrea Guarneri and his grandson Giuseppe ‘del Gesù’ Guarneri respectively, both instruments have a virtuoso character. On the menu this lunchtime is a breath-taking programme of string duos from Mozart to Kraggerud.

Henning Kraggerud, violin, and Eivind Ringstad, viola

Works by Halvorsen, Mozart, and Kraggerud

Friday 10 February, 11.30–12.00
Lunchtime concert: Vertavo Quartet

Spin the Wheel of Fortune and win some beautiful music. Today’s lunchtime concert is a chance to meet one of the world’s leading string quartets, the Vertavo Quartet. Using a wheel of fortune, the audience can help choose the musical menu.

Vertavo Quartet: Øyvor Volle, violin, Annabelle Meare, violin, Berit Cardas, viola, and Bjørg Lewis, cello

The Wheel of Fortune decides

Tuesday 14 February, 11.30–12.00
Lunchtime concert: Eldbjørg Hemsing and Håvard Gimse

Today’s lunchtime concert is an opportunity to hear and get close to one of the world’s finest Stradivarius violins, the Rivaz, Baron Gutmann from 1707. Stradivari’s style evolved throughout his career, as can be observed from the instruments in the exhibition. The performers are the super duo Eldbjørg Hemsing and Håvard Gimse.

Eldbjørg Hemsing, violin, Håvard Gimse, piano

Works by Chopin, Grieg, Halvorsen, and Ravel

Wednesday 15 February, 11.30–12.00
Lunchtime concert: Cellisimo@oslo and Bjørg Lewis

Today’s lunchtime concert is an opportunity to hear an ensemble of nothing but cellos. The instruments played in the concert include a beautiful cello made by Gennaro Gagliano in Naples in 1748. The programme features beautiful cello melodies and a new Norwegian rising star, the soprano Hanne Marit Mordal Iversen.

Cellisimo@oslo, Bjørg Lewis, cello, and Hanne Marit Mordal Iversen, soprano

Works by Mozart, Schubert and Villa-Lobos

Thursday 16 February, 11.30–12.00
Lunchtime concert: Trio Taus

Today’s lunchtime concert is an opportunity to meet Trio Taus with a troika of instruments from vibrant musical environments in Italy. On the menu is Mozart’s masterful Divertimento for string trio. Might it have been these very instruments that were played when Mozart toured the opera houses of Mantua, Milan, and Venice in the late 18th century?

Trio Taus: Liv Hilde Klokk-Bryhn, violin, Ida Klokk-Bryhn, viola, Torun Stavseng, cello

Friday 17 February, 11.30–12.00
Lunchtime concert: Anders Kjellberg Nilsson and Martin Sturfält

Today’s lunchtime concert is an opportunity to meet a violin made by Michelangelo Bergonzi in Cremona in 1744, at the end of the Cremonese Golden Age. The Norwegian-Swedish star duo Anders Kjellberg Nilsson and Martin Sturfält present a programme from the Nordic Golden Age.

Anders Kjellberg Nilsson, violin, Martin Sturfält, piano

Works by Stenhammar and Svendsen