Edvard Munch, "Man in the Cabbage Field", 1916
Photo: Jacques Lathion / Nasjonalmuseet
  • 19 February 2023
  • The National Museum – Room 63
  • 14.00–14.45

Join a musical guided tour about vitalism and expressionism in art and music. 

Around the year 1900, there occurred a shift in European art from the dark and melancholic towards sunlight and the life-giving forces of nature. Today’s tour considers “life force” as a theme in art and music in the early 20th century. How is it reflected in music? 

Education curator Lin Stafne-Pfisterer and musician Andreas Hanson take you on a musical guided tour that brings you close to both art and music. 

The event is free with a valid entrance ticket to the museum purchased here.