Bendik Riis, "Bendik and Aarolilja", 1955 © Riis, Bendik / BONO
Photo: Børre Høstland / Nasjonalmuseet
  • 11 February 2023
  • The National Museum – Room 74
  • 15.00–15.15

For the “Master to Master” exhibition, three new compositions have been created in response to artworks in the National Museum’s collection.

Today’s premiere is dedicated to the painting Bendik and Årolilja by Bendik Riis. Erlend Apneseth performs on the Hardanger fiddle Sætergjenta made by Olav G. Helland in 1921. Known as an outstanding craftsman, Helland developed a highly distinctive form of decoration. Erlend Apneseth is described as an outstanding musician and composer with a unique style.

With: Erlend Apneseth, Hardanger fiddle, and Frode Haltli, accordion