It is not uncommon to think about going on a long trip, about getting away from everyday life and sailing around the world in order to feel completely free and sense the wind in your hair. Anne Siv Falkenberg Pedersen must have sensed this freedom when she decided to colour and draw on a 50-square-metre sail that once served as a spinnaker on a sailboat. Forsaking ordinary paper and canvas as the work’s support, she fills up the sail with explosively colourful and organic patterns. Attached at full stretch to the mast and full of wind, a sail leads you to new destinations, perhaps ones that are full of beaches and gently rustling palm trees? But her art also includes a human dimension. “The paintings I work on turn inwards, but they are physically large entities,” the artist notes. “My project expands the concept of drawing and is also a comment on art as a free space, as flow, as a freedom that transcends national borders.” RG