Art, like life, contains everything, and in his art, Ben Allal often comments on things that take place around him and are meaningful to him here and now. His works are therefore composites of various references that often leave an intense, hectic impression. In one picture, he uses a photograph of himself next to a letter from the Mediation and Reconciliation Service as the motivation for creating the work. The juxtaposition sets up a self-portrait that consists of more than a visual resemblance; it also contains conflict, aggression, and humour. Between the letter and the photograph, the artist has placed a label from a pharmaceutical that is often sold on the street. Allal is not afraid of expressing himself or provoking others. He plays around with perceptions of the artist as a misunderstood genius, a child, a lunatic, or a dreamer. In his other work on display at the exhibition, Allal highlights the field of art, where collectors fork out large sums of money for art whose imagery and themes are akin to those found in Allal’s works. Is that how we want the world of art to be? GH