“Balancing in an open space where we don’t know for certain what is in front of us is a human situation. Are we tightrope walkers, meditating, thinking, waiting in artificial situations?” 
Six glass pictures by Gunnveig Nerol hang at one end of the Light Hall. The artist has sandblasted lines and fields into both sides of the glass, with the lines forming patterns and figures. The artist herself believes that the abstract and the concrete are two sides of the same coin. There is a balancing act of sorts where contrasts and depth interact to create new spaces, where control and improvisation go hand in hand. Nerol works things out during the process. Her pictures begin as quickly executed drawings and sketches that are then painted over. The artist builds up the pictorial space over time with colours, organic lines, and geometric shapes. When the pictures are transferred to glass, yet another transformation takes place. In tandem, the six pictures on display here testify to a process that can be interpreted and translated. What kind of role do you want? GH