It is not always easy to navigate in life, neither physically out in the world nor mentally in our head. Taking her cue from everyday life, Ihra Lill Scharning lays bare challenges and problems in categories such as the normal, the abnormal, celebrities, friends, and diversity. The effects are simple, the materials are often whatever is at hand, and she can work closely with friends and acquaintances.  
The work on display in the Light Hall is tripartite: as a video is shown on a monitor, the soundtrack emanates from speakers placed at a distance, while the accompanying text is presented somewhere else entirely. Our senses usually work together, but here they are split in order to highlight how challenging it can be to move about town. The video has been pieced together from recordings the artist herself has taken, as well as others that have been borrowed. The soundtrack describes what is being shown on the monitor, and the text is in turn a staging of the soundtrack. How do we put things together, and what do we have available to understand the art? The work was first shown at Saksumdal Tempel, which is also part of the exhibition. GH