Ina Vang’s knitted bodies first turned up on the Instagram profile @just_a_basic_bitch. A solid dose of humour permeates the pictures there, with the profile greatly resembling an influencer account, had it not been for the knitted “bodysuit” with sagging boobs and thick, black leg hair. By caricaturing how influencers stage their image, Vang want us to reflect on how we present ourselves in public spaces and what we accept of others’ self-presentation. Where is the line between the public and the private? 
For “I Call It Art”, Vang has continued studying this notion of posing, this time at the museum, where “Just a Basic Bitch” has dragged her boyfriend Even with her. The couple are reclining on a museum bench, exhausted and fed up after a long visit to the National Museum. The two figures were last seen at Vang’s graduation exhibition at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts during the coronavirus epidemic, as they sat in each their own comfy chair watching a video about themselves in between Zoom meetings for work and school. SH