A dynamic use of colours and shapes characterizes Inger Bruun’s art, with pure colour fields of red, yellow, and blue recurring. The shapes are often taken from geometric figures such as circles and rectangles. And then the magic happens! In Sirkelen (‘the circle’), a sculpture with a circular red line, the perfectly round shape explodes in other shapes and colours, embodying a controlled, rhythmic, and musical language. Perhaps it is her background as a visual artist and architect that makes her improvisations so precise?  
In addition to the sculptures and murals you can see in the exhibition, Bruun works with paper-based art, paintings, and major decorations. She manipulates the hard shapes through brushstrokes or smaller, time-consuming tools such as pencils. Some of the works include figurative elements, such as an abstraction of a person or mythical creature; in that manner, the pictures become stories. Bruun has cultivated her own idiom over many years. She sticks to her basic principles, but improvises in order to create dynamism and magic. GH