The two works Ingerid Kuiters is displaying at “I Call It Art” employ a lacquering technique that she initially learned at the Norwegian Academy of Craft and Art Industry in the late 1950s, and that she began exploring again in a new context around 1990. In these works, she reuses wood “that has lived a long time and inspires me to craft the image that intuitively develops”. Such wood can for example be driftwood, oars, peels, and other items she finds. Part of the wood is covered in a substrate of putty mixed with spackle. Before the mixture dries, the images are carved in. The surface is then polished with sandpaper, painted with watercolours, and finally lacquered with transparent lacquer. The works are often inspired by folk art and children’s art, but also by contemporary art. She has glued old fabrics with decorative motifs from Nepal onto these two works, thereby transforming an item that is typically worn and ragged into something new, ornamental, and distinctive. MY