Paintings often conjure illusions of space and texture on a flat surface, almost like magic. This is something Ingrid Toogood takes full advantage of in her paintings. Toogood is also liable to add wheels to a painting, pierce a hole in the canvas, cover parts of the canvas with mirrors, or print a large photograph of a painting on a plastic tablecloth. She still conjures illusions, but always takes a few extra steps to challenge the traditions of painting. She also takes the relationship between the painting and the surrounding room into consideration. Dance, theatre, and music play key roles in Toogood’s art, and she often works with the choreographer Therese Markhus to create a new magic in her paintings. During the “I Call It Art” exhibition, the four sculptural paintings on display in the Light Hall will serve as the venue for a performance, with the paintings and the dancers complementing one another. GH