In tandem, the title and the material are the keys to understanding Kenn-Ole Moen’s piece, which features marble from Fauske in Northern Norway. When creating the piece, Moen was guided by the marble’s size, pattern, structure, and colour, and he also took the marble’s surface and cracks into consideration when working on it. 
The title tells us that this is a memorial dedicated to two people. For Moen, the aim of his art is to examine “how we experience human dignity and values both in society and in ourselves”.  
Marble is an exclusive material and displays an inherent dignity. Given marble’s frequent use in funeral monuments, Kenn-Ole Moen’s piece also becomes a marker of eternity. The artist has collaborated with geologists, a marble company, and Nordland county to explore the local marble from Fauske from a historical, technological, and human perspective. This marble has been used in numerous buildings throughout Norway, such as Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim and Oslo City Hall. SH