Mor Efrony uses a mix of aesthetic expressions, such as painting, sculpture, performance, and sound. The works are presented both as site-specific projects in galleries and as performances. Her art typically explores themes such as nature, urbanity, architectural structures, gender, and political situations. Efrony moved to Scandinavia from one of the world’s more turbulent regions, and this has given her new perspectives. She views art as an optimistic way to approach both mundane themes and the darker sides of life.

Moreover, Efrony believes that relocating to Oslo has influenced her treatment of sound, and she is also fascinated by Norwegian lighting conditions and landscapes, and by cultural differences. In her art she slowly unpeels the different layers of Oslo and Norway, only to take them with her into the studio and convert them into art.

Nevel has been constructed from Euro-pallets and other found materials, serving as both a work in its own right and as a performance stage. The title stems from the Hebrew words for “harp” and “bastard”. MY