The tiny village of Brusand in Southwestern Norway houses Odd Sama’s ceramics workshop, where he sells cups and vessels, shows his own and others’ art in his gallery, and lives above the workshop. His cups are gorgeously decorated, with some featuring wry, satirical slogans such as “politics is the systematization of hate”. The artist is also a sculptor and photographer, and he sometimes mixes sand into his clay in order to add a rough texture to his sculptures, which then resemble excrements or other types of unpleasant waste. He creates works that address current topics and reflect humorously on today’s Norway and power structures. The three sculptures on display all embody different styles, together forming a motley crew with warts and all. The first one seems perhaps to be saluting or suffering from a headache, the second one points at something with its one remaining arm, and the final figure is on all fours, headless. GH