For Silje Figenschou Thoresen, everything can be reused as a sculpture, and it is crucial that the materials are allowed to retain their distinctive properties and not be hewn or carved so as to adapt them to a given totality. She builds up her sculptures in piles on the floor that are supported against the wall and bound together with lassos, ropes, or straps, so that they acquire their appropriate shape. Her practice is based on a respect for the intrinsic and fully equal value of all objects and materials. This insight has been influenced by the Sami tradition of pragmatically repairing and designing objects. The content of the artwork also reveals what the sculpture consists of: a kayak storage bag and a lasso. The bag and the lasso have differing but equally important roles in the sculpture: the bag creates a black space and volume, adding a sense of corporeality to the work, while the lasso serves to keep everything up and adds a yellow line that runs throughout the work. RG