“A while back, I came across someone else’s photo albums and diaries,” writes Sofie Amalie Klougart about her work Heat. “The sensitive nature of the content fascinated me, and I felt that they deserved an afterlife.” Klougart works with photography both as an artist and as a photojournalist, and in this case, she uses fragments to create an intimate portrait of an unknown person. The sound installation consists of individual words and sentence fragments that seem to have been culled from the diaries in question or that seem like a disturbing game of association: “Dirty hands. Shame on you, filthy pig. Water. Soap. Abuse. Love.” 
In its original version, the sound installation was displayed along with around 20 photographic copies of the album pictures, copies that had been exposed to such great heat that their surfaces and imagery had almost dissolved. Without these photographs, the soundtrack becomes even more abstracted, even as they testify to personal fates and stories that are both repugnant and alluring. SJH