Tilda Moiseff’s sculptures are made of ceramics but are nonetheless very corporeal, depicting backsides, breasts, and uteruses. By adding liquid and a simple pump, she creates a “butt fountain” that squirts coffee liqueur. You can even help yourself from the fountain, if you dare. These sculptures are not meant to be merely repulsive, but aim rather to fascinate us and remind us of the distance we have created to our bodies. By means of her art, Moiseff wants to break some of the rules we have set for coexisting. She is not encouraging us to eat poo or drink blood, but wants us to take a fresh look at the rituals we have constructed over the years.  
“Instead of accepting our own complexity, we have let ourselves be intimidated by the products of our own bodily presence,” she says. “This fear underpins the myths and rules that have been effective instruments in exercising social control over certain groups. We have to break away from these patterns in order to continue our own development.” GH