“This sculpture has a political undertone. […] I have questioned whether the tools that society creates to overcome nature create a razor-thin or unbalanced relationship to nature.” 
How are things actually connected? Tore Reisch’s monumental installation has a shape of its own, but where does this shape come from, and does it have a practical function? Or is it actually poetry in wood? Does the title allude to how the installation is meant to work? Is it a large knitting machine? 
Humanity’s relationship to nature underpins many of Reisch’s sculptures, drawings, and installations. He often begins with sketches, but it is the craft and the work on the material, in this case the various types of wood, that realizes the potential of the sketches. The sketch and the installation exist hand in hand, each with its own logic. Here at the exhibition, the installation meets the architecture of the Light Hall, which embodies an entirely different logic and poetry. The relationship between nature and culture becomes clear in this encounter between two different forms. GH