Trond Nicholas Perry creates art from mundane objects and music instrument parts that he fashions into sound installations. Constructed through good old-fashioned engineering and artistic creativity, Treskeverket (‘the thresher’) is a DIY water organ made of ordinary plastic tubes that have been filled with water and mounted in parallel in a row. The organ can be played manually.  
Water organs have a long, rich history. Invented by the Greek engineer Ctesibius in the third century BC, they became a popular instrument in antiquity and have since been rediscovered every now and then throughout history. The fact that their descendent the pipe organ stands in most churches the world over and has come to symbolize ecclesiastical music says something about the popularity of Ctesibius’s legacy. Perry’s artistic projects play on the possibilities of diversity and incorporate several artistic elements, such as sculpture, installation, invention, music, concerts, sound art, and audience participation. RG