The sound design in Room 8 is directly related to a stand displaying a living-room scene with a harp. Hanging on the wall is a painting of the Marquis de Bretteville. The harp on the platform is the same one depicted in the portrait. Bretteville fled from France after the revolution and came to Denmark-Norway in 1792. Both the harp and the painting were later given to the museum by Bretteville’s descendants. 

Mardi 8

Directors: Jeanne Robet and Reno Isaac
Sound Composer: Reno Isaac
Post Production Director: Nicolas Lim

Post Production Assistant: Marlène Blondeau

Project Managers: Montse Cerdan and Clothilde Lepas

Producer: Youenn Le Guen

The National Museum

Curator: Cynthia Osiecki
Curators Learning: Cathrine Lorange and Eilif Salemonsen
Editors: Eilif Salemonsen and  Klaus Kottmann

Multimedia Editorial Board



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Variations on a Minuet by Johann Christian Fischer (for harp) performed by the harpist Emmanuel Padilla Holguin in collaboration with the Norwegian Academy of Music.


Major general Louis Claude le Normand de Bretteville, painting ca 1770, artist unknown - Photo: The National Museum.