The projection on the wall in room 18 shows the textile artist Helen McCook embroidering a copy of a silk embroidery. The motif is a portrait of King Christian IV from our collection that is displayed in the room.

Overview image room 18 - Photo: Frode Larsen/The National Museum

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Helen McCook


Mardi 8

Script Writer and Director: Benoît Millot

1st Assistant Director: Adrian Rutgerson Bie

Photographer: Lukasz Zamaro

Sound Technician: Samuel Elling

Sound Designer: Reno Isaac

Sound Mixer: Elias Arias

Film Editor: Franck Littot

Post Production Director: Nicolas Lim

Post Production Assistant: Marlène Blondeau

Project Managers: Clothilde Lepas and Montse Cerdan

Producer: Youenn Le Guen


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Curator: Anne Simmonæs

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