Room 22 is about identity. It’s also about exploring the poster as a way to communicate directly with a viewer who is often moving through an urban landscape. The installation presents posters from the 1800s to today that have hung in big cities around the world.  

Mardi 8

Sound Composer: Reno Isaac

Sound Designer: Jeanne Robet

Post Production Director: Nicolas Lim

Post Production Assistant: Marlène Blondeau

Project Managers: Clothilde Lepas and Montse Cerdan 

Producer: Youenn Le Guen


The National Museum

Curator: Denise Hagströmer

Curator Learning: Anne Qvale

Editor: Klaus Kottmann

Project Managers: Amanda Ward and Rowena Hamilton

Multimedia Editorial Board


Newspaper kiosk and advertising column in Paris, 1899 – Photo: Boyer / Roger Viollet / Getty Images
A woman hanging up a poster, Paris, early 1900s – Photo: AKG / NTB
Advertising column in Paris, 1800s – Photo: Bettmann / Getty Images
Men hanging up posters, Rue de Rivoli in Paris, 1920 – Photo: BHVP / Roger-Viollet
Advertising column in Piperviken, Oslo, 1936 – Photo: Unknown photographer / Museum of Oslo
Man reading a newspaper by an advertising column in Copenhagen, 1946 – Photo: Douglas Miller / Keystone Features / Getty Images
Nathan's Hot Dogs, New York, 1954 – Photo: Library of Congress
Three men next to advertisement posters in London, 1955 – Photo: Popperfoto via Getty Images
Film poster in Bombay, India, 1955 – Photo: Three Lions / Getty Images
Posters on a wagon in snowy Leningrad, 1956 – Photo: Manuel Litran / Paris Match via Getty Images
Man hanging up posters, Hong Kong, 1961 – Photo: Mario De Biasi / Mondadori Portfolio / Mondadori via Getty Images
Large film posters in Times Square, New York, 1963 – Photo: Walter Leporati / Getty Images
Aspirin advertisement in Times Square 42nd Street, New York, 1967 – Photo: Walter Leporati / Getty Images
‘War is Over’, poster on a wall in London, 1969 – Photo: Bettmann / Getty Images
Man hanging up a poster on an advertisement column in Edinburgh, 2006 – Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images
Intersection in Tokyo, Japan – Photo: Filadendron / Getty Images
Two boys next to a wall of posters in Tokyo, 2020 – Photo: SOPA Images Limited / Alamy Stock Photo / NTB
Poster for Oslo Philharmonic at a tram stop, 2021 – Photo: Erlend Tangen Istad / Max Pinckers
Street Art poster in Oslo – Photo: Einar Aslaksen / All Tomorrow’s