Screens shape our world – from the time when we flocked around TVs in the 1960s to the current situation of sitting with each our own screen. Screens increasingly affect us and our environment through endless variations of content. Graphic design for screens is about designing everything from TV-programme opening sequences to webpages and from TV test-pages to social media. Even time and weather have their own graphic expressions. When designers create forms, they think about the users and the audience they want to reach. Through pictures, texts, colours, sounds and movement, designers create stories and make information accessible. 

Overview image room 25 - Photo: Frode Larsen/The National Museum

Thanks to

Joachim Froholt, Gunnar Strøm, Håkon Wium Lie, Jon Carlstedt, Christian Flaaten, Are Sundnes, Liz Farrelly, Corinna Gardener, Stein-Christian Fagerbakken, Einar Sneve Martinussen, Kristian Pedersen, Marte-Kine Sandengen, Fam Ekman, Steffen Kruger, Jon Inge Faldalen, Taina Bucher, Pasi Valiaho, Abirami Logendran, Lise Fearnley, Leif Arne Neset, Lars Mørch Finborud, Kåre Bulie, Erik Gullerud, Are Bøhm, Trygve Nielsen, Didrik Tollefsen, Gaute Godager, Ian Brown, Christian Flaaten, Ole-Morten Duesund, Rune Spans and Per Platou


Metric Design

Creative Director, Design Concept: Eirik Seu Stokkmo
Project Manager: Silje Dementiev



Motion Designer, Concept: Christopher Sæther-Larsen
Sound Designer: Marius Ergo



Designer, Concept: Jonas Vetlesen
Development, Concept: Mathias Madsen Stav
Development: Marius Tetlie


Also Known As

Producer of the Filmic Elements: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles
Director and Photo Elements: Thomas Flått
Concept Collaborator: Even Suseg


The National Museum

Concept: Denise Hagströmer

Curator: Martin Egge Lundell

Curator Education: Anne Qvale

Editor: Klaus Kottmann

Project Managers: Kristin Welhaven Næss and Monika Bache

Project Coordinator: Vibeke Lunel

Multimedia Editorial Board 



Symbols for weather reporting, infographics, 1962–2021

From NRK, 1972, 1983 and 2016

From TV 2, 2000, 2006 and 2019

From NRK Tekst-TV, 1987


Yr, Phone App, 2017

Concept Development: Nina Khalayli and Marie Solum Strand

Design and Content: Ensi Mofasser, Andreas Qvenild and Lisa Wisløff

Accessibility Expert: Kristoffer Lium

iOS Operating System Developers: Ola Nordbryhn, Bjørn Olav Ruud (Conceptos) and Kristoffer Stenersen (Systek)

Developers for Android: Thomas Aaeng (Systek), Thomas Pettersen (Netcompany) and Marcel Eggum (Netlight)

Backend Developers: Bård Rolstad Henriksen and Sigbjørn Trageton

Administrator: Marius Undrum

Team Leader: Hilde Bakkeli

Product Development Director: Ingrid Støver Jensen

Meteorologists: Ivar Seierstad, Unni Thomsen, John Smits and others

NRK and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute



Take On Me, music video, 1985

Director: Steve Barron

Animators: Michael Patterson and Candace Reckinger

Music: A-ha

Warner Music Entertainment © 


Excerpt from ‘The Making of Take On Me’ 2019

Director and Producer: Sorcha Macdonald

Warner Music Entertainment ©


Take On Me, drawings, 1985

Original Drawings: Michael Patterson and Candace Reckinger – Photo: The National Museum


Alfonso Muskedunder, music video, 2015

Directors and Animators: Bendik Kaltenborn and Espen Friberg

Music: Todd Terje / Terje Olsen


Alfonso Muskedunder, album covers, 2012–2015

Designer and Illustrator: Bendik Kaltenborn


Eple, music video, 2001

Director: Thomas Hilland

Director and Visual Effects: Knut Helgeland

Music: Røyksopp

Astralwerks, Wall of Sound ©


Dagsrevyen, 1962–2017

Title sequences from NRK News


Blindpassasjer, title sequence, 1978

Designer: Brian Albers

Computer Graphics: Børre Børresen and Hans-Kristian Pettersen



The Man Who Couldn’t Laugh, title sequence, 1968

Director: Bo Hermansson 

Svensk Filmstudio


The Magic Box, 1982

Title sequence from NRK Children’s Television


Drawings and Animation: Inni Karine Melbye         

Original drawings from The Magic Box: Inni Karine Melbye – Photo: The National Museum

Portrait of Inni Karine Melbye – Photo: Ida Meyn / The Norwegian Film Institute


Exerpt of an interview with Gunnar Strøm and Inni Karine Melby

The Norwegian Film Institute, on the occasion of the centenial celebration of Norwegian animation in 2013, Mikrofilm


Film clip from the music video ‘Yellow Submarine’ ©Subafilms Limited

Director: George Dunning

Animators: Robert Balser, George Dunning and Jack Stokes

Based on ‘Yellow Submarine’ by John Lennon and Paul Mc Cartney


Multitorg, website, 1993

Editor: Håkon Wium Lie

Project Manager: Per Einar Dybvik

Televerkets forskningsinstitutt 


Sporting results for the Lillehammer Winter Olympics, 1994

Reconstruction: Jon Carlstedt Tønnessen

Oslonett’s historic website is reconstructed by the National Library of Norway’s internet archive.

Since 2014, the documents have been included in ‘Norges dokumentarv’, a part of UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register.



Underskog, social network, 2005

Design and Development: Simen Svale Skogsrud, Alexander Staubo and Even Westvang Bengler


Alltheweb, search engine, 2007



Altinn, Internet portal for public agencies

Design and Development, 2006: Creuna

Design and Development, 2021: Fossland + Foss

The Brønnøysund Register Centre


Spacegroup, webpage, 2018

Design and Development: Node Berlin Oslo and Internetfriendsforever


Cinemateket, webpage, 2018

Design: Henrik Haugan and Pia Falk Lind / Snøhetta

Development: André Elvan / Værsågod


The Autumn Exhibition, webpages, 2017, 2020 and 2021

Design: Aslak Gurholt and Martin Asbjørnsen

Design and Development: Alejandro V. Rojas


UT, mobile phone app, 2012

Design and Development: The Norwegian Trekking Association, Statskog and

Friluftsrådenes Landsforbund


Vipps, mobile phone app, 2018

Design and Development: Scandinavian Design Group and Bakken & Bæck


Finn, mobile phone app, 2012–2022

Design and Development:


Entur, mobile phone app, 2018

Design and Development: Entur and Bekk

Profile Design: Designit

Illustrations: Scandinavian Design Group

The Longest Journey, video game, 1999


Script and Concept: Ragnar Tørnquist and Didrik Tollefsen

Programming: Morten Lode, Rune Espeseth, Johan Braanen, Jan Ove Haaland and Bjørn Erik Larsen

Sound and Music: Bjørn Arve Lagim, Tor Linløkken and Morten Sørlie

Graphic Artists: Tom Gjerde, Karsten Hammer Hansen, Christian Morgan Enger, David Mikalczyk, Ivan Peter Scheer, Lars Petter Arnfinsen, Gry Stordalen, Renate Andersen, Øyvind Jernskau, Vebjørn Strømmen, Kjetil Hjednes, Amanda Ronai, Rune Spaans and Torolf Tønjum

Voices: Synnøve Svabø and Finn Schau


Pyton, game for Tiki 100, 2014 (1984)

Tiki Data, original

Reconstruction: Kantega and Carl Fredrik Hersoug


Oslo Børs, game for Commodore 64, 1982

Design and development: Thor Vollset


Flåklypa Grand Prix, game for PC and console, 2001–2021

The game is a collaborative project between Caprino Filmcenter and Ravn Studio, based on Ivo Caprino and Kjell Aukrust’s successful film.


Football uniform FIFA 21 Kit

Design: Even Suseg/ Also Known As for EAsports


FIFA International Soccer, game for Sega Mega Drive, 1993

EA Sports

FIFA Road to World Cup 98, game for PC and console, 1998

EA Sports


FIFA 21, game for PC and console, 2021 

EA Sports


Striker, game for Amiga, 1992

Rage Software


Match Day II, game for ZX Spectrum, 1987

Ocean Software


International Soccer, game for Commodore 64, 1983

Commodore International


Realsports Soccer, game for Atari 2600, 1983



Soccer, game for Nintendo Entertainment System, 1985

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems


MicroProse Soccer, game for Commodore 64, 1988 

Sensible Software and MicroProse Software


Actua Soccer 2, game for PC and PlayStation, 1997

Gremlin Interactive


Mørkeredd, video game for PC and console, 2020

Creative Director: Are Sundnes

Developers: Harald Lønmo, Terje Gran and Lars Johannessen

Game Designers: Maria Engell, Kristoffer Jetmundsen, Vetle Bugge,
Peter Riseng, Erling Hoff Martiniussen,
Anders Findal Jørgensen, Julie Hansen
and André Hjelvik

Project Manager: Runa Haukland

Technical Artist: Rolf Hove

Music: Joar Renolen

Sound Designer: Martin Mathiesen Kvale

Voice: Ayla Mokhtari