Mardi 8

Sound Designer: Reno Isaac

Sound Designer: Jeanne Robet

Sound Mixer: Elias Arias

Project Managers: Clothilde Lepas and Montse Cerdan

Producer: Youenn Le Guen


The National Museum

Curator Learning: Ingvild Hammervoll

Curators: Wenche Volle and Vibeke Waallann Hansen

Editor: Hilde Areng Skaara

Project Manager: Elsebet Kjerschow



Peter Christen Asbjørnsen: Translated excerpt from the travelogue Erindringer fra Egypt 1849–1850, published by the Asbjørnsen Society in 2008. The text was first published in the Christmas magazine Jule-Træet in 1852. The Norwegian language was modernised by Jorunn Vandvik Johnsen before translation. 
You heard the voices of Jan Martin Johnsen and Louisa Gummer