Mardi 8

Sound Designer: Reno Isaac

Sound Designer: Jeanne Robet

Sound Mixer: Elias Arias

Project Managers: Clothilde Lepas and Montse Cerdan

Producer: Youenn Le Guen 

The National Museum

Curator Learning: Ingvild Hammervoll

Curators: Wenche Volle and Vibeke Waallann Hansen

Editor: Hilde Areng Skaara

Project Manager: Elsebet Kjerschow



Christian Krohg. Excerpt from Albertine. Oslo: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, 1998. First published by Huseby & Co. Limit. in Kristiania, 1886.


You heard the voices of

Jan Martin Johnsen, Mathilde Storm and Håvard Bakke