What is the role of co-living in today’s housing marked and what does the future look like?

Recently, sharing has become a buzzword in new housing projects. This event will investigate the possibilities and challenges of commercial sharing- and co-living projects in the Nordic countries. Helen & Hard will participate in the discussion together with other architects and developers. 

The main theme of the 17th Architecture Biennale in Venice is How will we live together? and deals with how architects can create new communities.

In Venice, the National Museum and Helen & Hard responds to the biennale's main theme with a completely new cohousing project designed especially for the Nordic pavilion, asking the question of what we are willing to share with others.  

The Nordic seminar is a collaboration between the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Arkdes in Stockholm and The Museum of Finnish Architecture in Helsinki. All three events will be streamed online. 


Martin Braathen, Nasjonalmuseet; Reinhard Kropf, Helen & Hard; Oda Ellensdatter Solberg, Plan-og bygningsetaten; Hanne Løvbrøtte, Obos 

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