On this day, the public has been invited to link the new National Museum with the National Museum – Architecture in the old city, using transporting dance. Transporting dance is a way of using the body that celebrates the desire to move and the possibilities of the body. It is both dance and training, with an art perspective. It is suitable for everyone – young, old, dance-loving and tactless. Dance artist, tram driver and founder of the movement concept, Martin Slaatto, leads the way together with tedeist/transport dancer Tone Kittelsen.

The exhibition Scandinavian Design and the USA, 1890–1980 is currently on display at National Museum – Architecture. In the exhibition there are many well-known examples from the design history of just movement and the needs of the body as a starting point for creating new forms.

Transporting dance contains elements such as jumpsasa, rocking, spinning and bouncing. Through the method, Slaatto wants everyone, regardless of factors that are often limiting in terms of dance, such as physics and age, to feel the joy of movement in their own body, movement in the city and in nature.

The performance begins at the National Museum – Architecture (Bankplassen 3) at 13.00, and makes its way from the new National Museum (Brynjulf ​​Bulls plass 3) at 15.00.

The tickets are free and includes entry to the new National Museum and National Museum – Architecture. The duration of the transporting dance is less than an hour.