Photo: OAT / Istvan Virag

Degrowth and its relevance to architecture

OAT 2019 will respond to an era of climate emergency and social inequality by proposing urban alternatives to the unsustainable and unfair paradigm of growth.

The festival will explore the architecture of Degrowth, an economy of shared plenty in which human and ecological flourishing matter most. It is time to call time on too much for the few and too little for the many. Join us as we propose a vision of Enough for all.

The National Museum – Architecture turns into a library

The exhibition “The Library” will explore how libraries can play a central role in breaking free from the growth paradigm. During the eight week programme of the Triennale, The National Museum – Architecture will undergo a complete transformation from a gallery of architecture past and present to a library of architectural futures. The library is organised into four collections: the subjective, the objective, the systemic and the collective. Each of the four collections will be richly populated with drawings, models, materials, artefacts, devices, and ideas exploring the architecture of a Degrowth economy to be critiqued, measured, studied and enjoyed.

Oslo Architecture Triennale

The exhibition is a part of Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019: "Enough: The Architecture of Degrowth". OAT is the Nordic region's main architecture festival and a global arena for tackling architectural and urban challenges. Through exhibitions, conferences, debates, competitions, publications and events across different formats and media, OAT seeks to challenge the field of architecture, engage the public and inspire local, Nordic and international debates concerning architecture and urbanism. Read more here.


Hanne Lystad
Project manager
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