I Call It Art


In these audio-stories, you’ll hear artists talk about their works, maybe also a bit about themselves and their artistic practice. And much more. 

“I Call It Art” is spread throughout the Light Hall. Here you will encounter many types of artwork, each relevant in its own way.
One of the typical features of contemporary art is its topicality and relevance to the age we live in. It adopts a personal perspective and tells us about society and the modern world.

147 artists from across Norway, with ages ranging from 22 to 79, are represented. Use the space and get to know the artworks better – and perhaps yourself as well!
This is an exhibition both for those who haven’t a clue about art and for those who can’t get enough and love to talk about it. We ask: What is good art? And who decides?

“I Call It Art” continues also outside the Light Hall. Check out the exhibition programme for directions to the video platform, publications, and additional events.