N°4-1967 Montagne transparente

Anna-Eva Bergman
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Anna-Eva Bergman, "N°4-1967 Montagne transparente", 1967 © Bergman, Anna-Eva / BONO Photo: Foundation: Hartung-Bergman


Actor portraying Anne-Eva Bergman: 

"The night was indescribable. It exceeded anything I could have imagined. The most glorious sunlight all night long as we glided in and out among Lofoten’s wondrous magical creatures. A brilliant, powerful, improbable adventure. It is as if the mountains are transparent, nothing is material anymore". 



Anna-Eva Bergman wrote this on her first trip to Northern Norway in 1950. The encounter with the landscape, nature and the bright nights made a lasting impression on her. 


The experiences from the trip became the inspiration for artworks in the years to come. 


The impression of the landscape influenced her greatly. She wrote about how she has “never seen a more inspiring landscape to paint abstractly”. 


She moved to Paris in 1952 and made France her home, but the memory of the Norwegian nature stayed firmly with her. 


In 1964, Bergman made another journey to the north, this time with her husband, the German-French artist Hans Hartung. Fascinated by the landscape, and the changes in light, they both photographed and documented their experience returning home to Paris with thousands of photographs!  

Back in France, the images became an important inspiration for her paintings, and we can see representations of abstracted rock formations, desolate, almost barren landscapes, rich in contrasts and materiality.