Original Napping Pillow

2 min
Year: 2012


Inventions are strange things. First they don’t exist, and then suddenly they do. And then a little while later, we start wondering how we ever managed without them! For example, there have been many clever inventions in recent years that allow us to be together with other people, even though we’re actually on our own.  


Do you mean mobile phones and that kind of thing?  

Yes, mobile phones, and things like the white robot in this room called AV1, that can be in a classroom instead of you, if you’re not able to go to school. 


But what about if I actually want to be left in peace?


Yes, there are things to help with that too! Inventions that let you feel alone, even though there are people around you. Like this grey and blue ostrich cushion.  


Huh, what’s an ostrich cushion? 


Well, it’s called an ostrich cushion because some people believe that if an ostrich is frightened or stressed, it will try to hide by putting its head in the sand. In fact, that’s not what ostriches do at all, but that’s another story. Anyway, someone decided that the world needed a cushion like this one!  


But how… 


I’ll explain. Imagine pulling it over your head. In fact, just do that right now…

(sound of pulling on the cushion, the narrator’s voice gets quieter and quieter) 

… close your eyes and breathe calmly.  

(Shouts:) So now you can hardly hear my voice, is that right? Wait a bit, I need to creep in with you, inside the cushion. 

(Narrator’s voice gradually gets clearer) 

…. okay, I’m back. 

Inside the cushion you can enjoy some peace and quiet, perhaps even take a quick nap. Or you can imagine things and follow your own thoughts. 

But now it’s time for me to get out of your head. Enjoy the rest of your visit at the museum!